PS4 vs Xbox One

In a month we will meet the new, ninth generation of consoles. How did the PS4 and Xbox One come to be – and how did their rivalry go? Let’s remember together.

PS4 vs Xbox One – Which One Is Better?

2021 has promised new items, which means it’s time to speculate – what was good in the previous models. For comparison, we took several basic criteria. Let’s go!

  1. Design. Of course, it all depends on your aesthetic preferences, but it is worth considering some nuances – Playstation and Xbox can be installed both horizontally and vertically, while stability is provided by a special stand. But IksBoks surpasses Sony in size, and the color range of the latter is richer. Sony even released limited edition PS4 styled games like Death Stranding, God Of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man.
  2. PS4 is very popular, which means it can boast a much larger audience. Xbox One owners have access to a library of legacy games that no other console in the world has, as well as a ps4 camera.
  3. Pre-installed games. Digital pre-installation of new games will allow you to start playing them right from launch.
  4. Other compatible headsets can be connected to an Xbox Wireless Controller or Xbox Elite Wireless Controller using the 3.5mm audio input or the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter.
  5. The installation process is unique for each browser. For the installation to proceed correctly, you must follow the instructions of the developer. A complete factory reset is also effective. After this event, the browser returns to its original state and, in most cases, advertising ceases to bother.

During the design of the PS4 and Xbox One, the roles of Sony and Microsoft changed: the former was playing catch-up, while the latter was leading (especially in the key American market). The approach has also changed: this time Microsoft lifted its nose proudly and turned away from gamers.

How to Disable Advertising on PS4 and Xbox One?

It is generally accepted that advertising is the engine of progress. However, in the case of a PS4 and Xbox One, advertising banners not only interfere with productive work but can also carry malicious code that infects the operating system. To comprehensively protect your PS4 and Xbox One from this kind of problem, it is recommended to install antivirus software, as well as to resort to some basic tips for disabling ads in the browser.

The first thing to do is examine the software installed on the hard drive. For the purpose of easy money, many developers integrate banners into the installation package of any application. It turns out that along with the launch of the program, the first thing that the user will see is an advertisement. To avoid such situations, you should carefully study the information provided during the installation of the software application.

Software inventory is an effective way to get rid of annoying ads. To do this, go to the Applications and Features tab and get rid of all suspicious and unnecessary programs. When doing this, be extremely careful not to remove system applications, files, or device drivers. To get rid of ads on PS4 and Xbox One, you can use special software. The Adguard plugin is very popular among numerous users. This application has shown itself to be excellent in blocking any kind of advertising (multimedia audio and video content, animation).

Best Streaming Service 2021

Music services are confidently winning the hearts of listeners around the world. But which one should you choose for everyday use?

Good Streaming Service as a Necessity of Modern Society

Over the past couple of years, a new trend has emerged in the global music industry. Streaming as a phenomenon, otherwise called “streaming” music, is gradually replacing digital and physical sales. Streaming is a method of transferring data from the provider to the end-user, in which the content is located on a remote server, and neither download nor installation is required to play it on the device.

The relevance of the chosen topic is primarily due to the development of information technologies in general, and the emergence of new technologies and innovative promotion methods specifically in the music industry. And she also touches on such an important issue as the legality of buying music albums and hotel compositions. The ability to customize not only the output but also the input audio channels (those that are used to connect microphones or musical MIDI instruments, including, for example, guitar “pedals”).

In fact, an MDF file is an optical disc copied to another type of media (hard drive, SSD, USB flash drive). But copying is done in such a way that not only visible files and folders are transferred from the optical disc, but also various service data. Often, the MDF format stores images of double-layer discs, which distinguishes them from the more well-known, but not possessing this feature, ISO images.

The drogon tv format is supported by almost all currently existing programs for mounting disk images. Here we will consider either completely free or distributed free versions of paid applications (although they have reduced functionality, the main function of interest to us – mounting MDF images – they still have).

Top 5 Best Streaming Services 2021

  1. First place went to Spotify as the best music streaming service. In addition to a huge amount of music and audio content, the service offers application support on most modern gadgets. The experts noted the decent sound quality, the availability of a free version (with ads), as well as collaborative playlists and group listening. It is especially noted that the service can be used for an unlimited time without a subscription.
  2. Netflix is omnipresent and omnipotent. It is the most popular and richest service native to the United States of America. It appeared over 20 years ago and became famous for the supply of DVDs, which were gaining popularity at that time. With the development of the Internet, they switched to online streaming.
  3. The third place in the rating is occupied by the Russian streaming service Yandex.Music, which allows you to listen to songs, albums, music selections and receive personal recommendations even from space.
  4. Twitch service is almost synonymous with streaming, as Google is synonymous with internet search. Twitch has gone from being a DJ service to being a popular streaming service for video games, then music, arts, and more. At the same time, using this platform is more difficult than its competitors.
  5. The experts gave fifth place in the rating to the Apple Music service. It was recognized as the best for Apple devices. In addition, there are service applications even for Android. The possibilities of malware are limited only by the developer’s imagination and programming skills.

What Is Malware?

Previously, any software was divided into two broad categories – malicious and not. Then two more categories were added to this list – malware and potentially unwanted software.

What Is Malware and How to Get Rid of It?

Undesirable programs are usually considered programs that perform relatively safe actions on the computer, but without the user’s knowledge. Each antivirus in its own way sees undesirable behaviors in the actions of a program. One antivirus program will instantly block such an application, another will display a message about a possible threat, and the third will not pay any attention to it. That is why it is important to know what is filerepmalware.

It is important to distinguish malware from unwanted software. While the former causes direct damage to the computer and confidential data, the latter usually causes various inconveniences that cannot be considered critical.

Here is a small list of typical actions that cause alarms in antivirus or Windows built-in security:

  • Continuing work in the background after closing the main window. Some programs, without notifying the user, install services that automatically start at startup and run on the computer when it is closed. As a rule, such applications then display all kinds of notifications on the screen with an offer to download other programs.
  • Changing the settings of other installed programs without the user’s knowledge. Most often, the home page in the browser is changed in order to promote the site, advertise goods and services.
  • Displaying deliberately false information on the screen, for example, about the “poor technical state of the system or computer” in order to prompt the user to download a (usually paid) program for PC optimization or purchase more powerful components for it.
  • Spontaneous opening of sites in the browser, installing plugins, and other actions.

Malware Programs on Your PC

While some “common” unwanted programs can be equated with viruses, the actions of potentially unwanted software usually pose no threat to the computer at all, but in the wrong hands, they can still (potentially) pose a threat.

Antiviruses usually do not react in any way to the installation and use of such applications, because many of them even have an official license to run on Windows operating systems. Although the antivirus may warn you that the downloaded/installed/launched “program is unwanted, it should be used with caution, and it is better to remove it altogether.”

Potentially unwanted software includes, for example:


  1. Torrent clients and similar download managers that use peer-to-peer networks (PNP) for data exchange. It is clear that pirated software products or completely prohibited digital materials are often distributed through torrents. If the torrent file was downloaded from some obscure site, you never know what might be inside.
  2. Installers of programs and drivers. Again, software/driver managers downloaded from dubious sites can not only perform their direct function but also download and install “left-hand” applications on the computer, incl. and viruses. We are not talking about the installers of drivers and programs verified by millions of users. But they are also on the lists of potentially unwanted software among the developers of antiviruses and the Windows operating system.
  3. Mining programs (miners) for “mining” cryptocurrencies. The following picture can be observed here. The user downloaded and installed the miner hoping to make money. The program literally devours all the power of the computer, but it gives absolutely no result and after a long time of “excavation”. It’s simple – the unique cryptocurrency hash codes she found are sent to the developer of the program.