VDR Technology’s Advantages for Small Law Firms

The virtual data room services are considered security services that can optionally be provided within the reference model.

Virtual Data Room Technology as the Best Alternative for Your Business

With the spread of the computer network Internet in all spheres of human activity, information security of data, exposed by users of the network of varying degrees of openness, gains special importance. Cyberspace has no state borders, a person who has unauthorized access to computer information can be in any territory, the author of a computer virus can place it on a popular website and thereby ensure its penetration into various countries. These conditions, which create information threats, require the harmonization of laws and the creation of a unified legal framework for information protection on the Internet.

This virtual data room service is provided for use when establishing or during the data transfer phase of a connection to confirm the identity of one or more entities connected to one or more other entities. The service provides assurance, but only during the period of use, that the entity is not attempting to illegally enter or unauthorized retry of the previous connection. One-way and mutual peer-to-peer authentication schemes are possible – with and without health checks, which provide different degrees of protection.

The use of a virtual data room technology at the start of a connection and a data integrity service during the lifetime of that connection can – in combination – ensure the origin of all data blocks transmitted over that connection, the integrity of these data blocks, and can also ensure that duplicate data blocks are detected, for example by using serial numbers. Based on the results of the analysis of architectural and construction documentation, a set of necessary measures for the passive protection of certain areas is formed.

Top Advantages of Virtual Data Room for Small Law Firms

Security is a battle that your company cannot win, so success in this fight is often measured by the lack of the organization’s name in the news headlines and the lack of prosecutions against senior management. The shift to a web-based reality and the increasing use of data room pricing and hybrid infrastructures further complicate the work of information security professionals.

Among the criteria of virtual data room’s advantages for small law firms, the main advantages are: 

  • Confidentiality. 

Confidentiality is keeping information secret, access to which is limited to a narrow circle of users.

  • Integrity.

Integrity is a property according to which information retains its original or agreed form and quality with the end-user; an authorized change in the content of information is a violation of integrity.

  • Availability of information. 

Accessibility is the use of information on the capabilities of a user who has the appropriate authority in the form, time, and place required for him, violation of accessibility entails the impossibility of receiving or processing information.

The criteria for assessing data room security for small law firms should include the main (availability – resilience to failure, resource use, updating after failures, mutability; integrity – the impossibility of changes, blocking and destruction; confidentiality – trust, officiality, safety, lack of hidden access) and additional (manageability, relevance, delivery guarantee, and importance). For each criterion, you can get an expert opinion or a comprehensive assessment in the documentation of the user information system. On the Internet, these criteria should be applied by users at all stages of information interaction.